Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh Sweet Aquarians...

i am told that am not compatible with CANCER.
my EX.
when i went on a website this website:
ALL was true.
we got nothing in our lovee life. :(

then i realized i have feelings for my friend <3>
he is a GEMINI.. (:
and oooohh baby it saids that we got *SPARK*
but its saids that i tend to rush into things... xD
and my GEMINI likes to take things slow
so my lesson for the day
and maybe we will have something good one day :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the ex.

Getting out of a relationship is suppose to be hard.
falling out of love is suppose to be difficult.
losing you was suppose to be heartbreaking.
but it wasnt...
i felt force.
even at time dreaded being next to you.
i wish i knew.
my heart left you.
we werent meant to be after all.
i tried so hard to make my happy because it seemed like the thing to do..
but why be with someone you dont love anymore.
why decieve you any longer...
i dont even feel sorry.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Cafeteria.

wind? CHILLY.
120 teenagers.. annoying? yes.
restroom breaks... to a minumum..
why am I here?
cause i skipped too much class.. so is it my fault? why YES IT IS! ahh being locked up in school is never any fun :/
but when you look around its actually kinda funny because we are ALL suppose to be doing SCHOOL WORK :P
guy in fronT of me playing his GAMEBOY
this girl next to me in a black shirt texting 0_o
a couple eating oranges with POWDERED CHILI HAHA that one made me laugh xD
a super tall boy in red playing with his iphone..
SO you get the idea of what i am dealing with here...
NOBODY is doing what they are suppose to!
and of course me on BLOGGER.COM (:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


how i wish you didnt have to leave.
you could stay by my side forever and say all the stupid thing like we always do (:
my best friend forever.. come back soon.
i miss you so.
i need you here to heal take away my pain.
people dont understand me as much as you do and thats why i want you back.
but i understand you had to leave me just promise you will be back. <3

my Vamipre Knight

sometimes i wish my life was like an animee. :)
it had the perfect man who knew how to take care of me. i feel like in this anime "Vampire Knight" i am Yuuki. i have the perfect guy out there and he is waiting for me and he knows i should be with him. he is taking care of me secretly... it sucks. this is why i love this anime sometimes it takes me away to my FAIRY tall tale land and lets me dream. DREAM of things and hope that my future will be better than my present is now.


sometimes people think they know you.
speak to you for about a month get to see your surface and automatically JUDGE you.
i NEVER knowing what i want.
but that is ALL you wanted to see... MY negatives.
i have a SOFT spot too.
i am lovable when i want to be loved.
i put your needs first before mine.
i laugh all the time (:
generally happy person.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

today's tomorrow.

What i wish life was like?
i wish i had the perfect life and claudia was still here with me. i wish life was like a layoutt and it was like stepping stones. it would tell you what to do and how to do it. life what tell me "heyy wake up and go brush your teeth" for example because todayy you are going to have the best day of your life.. but in reality.. life scares me. i dont know what my future holds.. i am for certain iam going to summer school to graduate and i have no one to blame but MYSELF. thats what scares me.. that i am a failure. i hate that i dont know what to do with myself.

---me 5.5.10